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Deca4 and A+ Ventures partner up to fast-track enterprise transitions to Web3

A+ Ventures is a company on a mission to fast-track global shifts in the blockchain industry. The partnered companies will begin with a special focus on the sports-related project Sphera, powered by Kooora , and likely to be the most significant token issuance in the Arab World.


Kooora enters the WEB3.0 space – the birth of SPHERA

Kooora, the Arab-world’s leading sports media, is entering the Web 3.0 universe, enabled through a partnership between Sport Ink and DECA4 Advisory. The partnership will enable the creation of the Sphera World, operated by Sphera Inc, a Blockchain based ecosystem with its Utility Token as well as valuable sports related NFTs ranging from memorabilia to events ticketing.


Deca4 is a judge in the Unicorn Pitches

Mr. Mohammed Mahfoudh, Deca4 CEO is one of the main judges of the UAE Unicorn Pitches event.


Connecting With the New-Age Reader, and NFTs in the Publishing Industry

A conversation between Dr. Rai and Mr. Mohammed (Deca4)


Moving in a New Direction – Advantages of tokenization

In October 2008, an anonymous visionary known as Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper named Bitcoin, a way to build an electronic payment mechanism by combining a variety of main components. Blockchain is renowned for being an impenetrable encryption scheme, which may account for the resonance of this exponential development.


Deca4 partners with Black Manta Capital for Tokenization

BERLIN/DUBAI – Black Manta Capital Partners (BMCP) has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with Deca4 Advisory (Deca4) to develop the markets of Tokenized Securities in both the Middle East and Europe. The long-term coordination will include preferred access to established distribution channels and the placement of security tokens.


Deca4 at the Global Online Investor Roadshow – GOIR

Deca4 Advisory is proud to announce its participation in the Global Online Investor Roadshow - GOIR with its CEO and Founder Mohammed Mahfoudh as a keynote speaker, and its CSO Shams Hasan as a host for the MiddleEast Session on the 8th of December from 3pm - 6pm UAE time.


Deca4 funds a global health laboratory focused on vaccines and treatments

Gennesys Life Sciences was founded with the goal of discovering, designing, and encouraging the most modern health solutions. The laboratory is located in Minas Gerais State, Brazil, one of the countries with the largest number of people affected by Covid-19.


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