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We ensure that our clients have a seamless experience by providing extensive consultancy services to successfully manage the challenges associated with

  • Asset Tokenization
  • DeFi
  • NFTs
  • And others
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Our Services

Businesses are increasingly affected by new technologies at a growing pace, and investing in the future to remain competitive has become critical. We use our expertise and experience to help our clients identify the best solution and match with new blockchain technology in accordance with market priorities and objectives.

We support our clients' businesses, by consulting, defining, and managing the implementation of blockchain related solutions.



Deca4 assists clients to understand how to use  blockchain technologies to solve problems or improve their business. We provide the necessary guidance to ensure cost-effective and reliable solution implementation. Our clients cover a wide range of industries, such as Real Estate, Entertainment, Health, New Technologies, Publishing, Arts, Music & Entertainment, and Governments, among others.


Project Management

Blockchain implementation, tokenization, and fundraising can be resource-consuming and complex. Incorrect strategic decisions and constant delays can lead to the failure of the entire project and loss of capital invested. Deca4 uses the best management practices for working with various stakeholders, ensuring that projects are performed flawlessly at all stages.


Asset Tokenization

We manage the entire asset tokenization process so that our clients can focus on further developing their business. We assess and advise on legal structuring, technical aspects, and marketing. With a team of experts who managed and raised collectively hundreds of millions of dollars in various global projects, we also provide consultancy on fundraising through STOs, investors on-boarding, and other process-related nuances while managing the multiple stakeholders. With this deep expertise, we provide the best guidance and connections that will assist you to manage your project regardless of its industry or geographic location.


Initial Sovereign Offering Assessment

Government STOs are referred to as Initial Sovereign Offerings or ISOs.​  Among our clients are governments that are looking to fund infrastructure or economic development projects and create an incentive for their potential investor base through the possibility of accessing tokenized healthcare, education, and energy projects and using security tokens as a mechanism to give direct benefits to the final customer.​


Hands-on Training & Workshops

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that is reshaping the business landscape. We provide unique and tailored training and workshops for you and for your team. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience from which you and your team can benefit.

We assist businesses at various stages, from startups to established companies, in a wide range of industries and locations.

Blockchain is a "team sport"

We believe that blockchain achieves its full potential when deployed across multiple business ecosystems.

Our Advisors

jean-Paul Tarud
Venture Capitalist, advisor to governments
Anish Mohammed
Security and Cryptography expert
Jorge Sebastião
CTO, CEO, innovator
Joel Dietz
CEO of Swarm Finance, Previous Member of Ethereum, and Metamask
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