Deca4 and A+ Ventures partner up to fast-track enterprise transitions to Web3

A+ Ventures  is a company on a mission to fast-track global shifts in the blockchain industry. Deca4 is the leading Tokenization advisory firm in the Middle East since 2018, with horizontal experience in various industries for Security Token Offerings (STOs), Utility token ecosystem deployment and various forms of NFT use cases. The partnered companies will begin with a special focus on the sports-related project Sphera, powered by Kooora , and likely to be the most significant token issuance in the Arab World.

Earlier this year, a World Economic Forum survey suggested that 10 percent of global GDP will be 'on-chain' by 2027. However, a straightforward recipe for success has not yet emerged in this still nascent market. Hence, structured experimentation of blockchain solutions with strategic management of the values at stake will determine whether many companies will see a return on their investments. The partnership joins two prominent actors of the Web3 transition to guide clients as they venture into the ever-growing blockchain space.

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