Deca4 funds a global health laboratory focused on vaccines and treatments

Gennesys Life Sciences was founded with the goal of discovering, designing, and encouraging the most modern health solutions. The laboratory is located in Minas Gerais State, Brazil, one of the countries with the largest number of people affected by Covid-19.

Deca4 Advisory, a Dubai-based agency and a shareholder and founding partner of Gennesys Life Sciences, an Arab-Brazilian technological cooperation company, which will establish in Brazil a global center focused on the production of vaccines and genetic treatments, using DNA techniques to fight diseases. The project is estimated to attract approximately USD 50 million over the next four years.

The Government of Minas Gerais State, through the Investment and Foreign Trade Promotion Agency (INDI), signed a cooperation agreement with the entrepreneurs to support the progress of the works been developed on December 17, 2020.

One of the Brazilian partners Marcos Ferraz, a member of the royal court of Bahrain in the Middle East, highlights that Gennesys Life Sciences was born with the goal of discovering, creating, and encouraging the most modern health solutions. In addition, the organisation will promote new collaborative research models where businesses can build common solutions for the population.

The company is now headquartered in BeloHorizonte, Brazil, with offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and it is predicted to generate more than USD 1 billion in the market through its technology portfolio, which includes the Covid-19 vaccine.

Gennesys Life Sciences already has in its portfolio a multipurpose technology to create vaccines. This technology is a patent developed by the North American company Greffex INC, which already possesses a contract signed with the NIH (National Institute of Health of theUnited States) and has shown exceptional versatility, already being used in treatments to prevent transplant rejection, replace genes defective and even in the treatment of human blindness. At this moment, the company will be fully focused on the use of this technology, which has already shown to be faster and cheaper also in the production of a potential vaccine for Covid-19.

The company is also supported by key directors and executives. Among which it is possible to highlight: João Bosco, CEO of Genomika laboratory and director of genetics of the Albert Einstein Group;Shawna Padya, VP of immersive medicine and astronaut at the Canadian SpaceAgency - CSA; Mohammed Mahfoudh, advisor and manager of over 50 startups andCEO of Deca4 Advisory; and Breno Dias, global director of Qintess.

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