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Connecting With the New-Age Reader, NFTs in the Publishing Industry

A conversation between Dr. Rai and Mr. Mohammed (Deca4)

Hiring: Client Account Manager

Hiring: Client Account Manager

Hiring: Marketing Manager

Hiring: Marketing Manager

Hiring: Graphic Designer

Hiring: Graphic Designer

Hiring: Media and Public Relations Officer

Hiring: Media and Public Relations Officer

Deca4 participation at Dubai Crypto, Blockchain & DeFi Conference

Deca4 interview with Gordon Einstein

Deca4 participation in Global Online Investor Roadshow

Deca4's Interview on Dubai TV

Deca4 Advisory chief executive officer was interviewed on the main Dubai TV channel on the 20th of December 2020. The interview focused on Blockchain technology, the government adaptation to it, and the role of Deca4 in this field. Mr. Mohammed Mahfoudh's interview on the Business News by Dubai Channels Network شبكة قنوات دبيabout Blockchain Technology, Tokenization, Government Adoption, and the role ofDeca4 Advisory in the sphere.

Deca4 funds a global health laboratory focused on vaccines and treatments with Brazilian partners

Gennesys Life Sciences was founded with the goal of discovering, designing, and encouraging the most modern health solutions. The laboratory is located in Minas Gerais State, Brazil, one of the countries with the largest number of people affected by Covid-19.

Deca4 Advisory at the Global Online Investor Roadshow – GOIR

Deca4 Advisory is proud to announce itsparticipation in the Global Online Investor Roadshow - GOIR with its CEO and Founder Mohammed Mahfoudh as a keynote speaker, andits CSO Shams Hasan as a host for the MiddleEast Session on the 8th of December from 3pm - 6pm UAE time.

Blockchain and Tokenization

Deca4 Advisory and the CMU Tech &Entrepreneurship community collaborates to support interactions with entrepreneurs, industry experts, technologists, and startups.

Moving in a New Direction – Advantages of tokenization

In October 2008, an anonymous visionary known as Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper named Bitcoin, a way to build an electronic payment mechanism by combining a variety of main components. Turns out to be the fastest-growing digital technology in modern history. Blockchain is renowned for being an impenetrable encryption scheme, which may account for the resonance of this exponential development.

UAE SCA to announce final draft for crypto asset regulation in weeks

During the recent webinar entitled, “Financial markets post Covid-19, spotlight UAE and MENA” hosted by Black Mata CapitalPartners, Mr. James Bernard, Head of Corporate Sales at DMCC (Dubai MultiCommodities Center) which adheres to regulations from United Arab Emirates SCA( UAE Securities and Commodities Authority) stated, “ In the next few weeks the SCA who regulates mainland financial and non-financial entities as well as DMCCas we operate a securities derivatives exchange, will be launching final draft of the crypto asset and security token legislation.”

UAE Based Deca4 partners with Black Manta Capital for Tokenization

BERLIN/DUBAI – Black Manta Capital Partners (BMCP) has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with Deca4 Advisory (Deca4) to develop the markets of Tokenized Securities in both the Middle East and Europe. The long-term coordination will include preferred access to established distribution channels and placement of security tokens.