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Deca4 Blockchain Advisory is a specialized consultancy and blockchain studio based in Dubai, UAE.  Its partners and team bring years of technology and business management experience, leveraged by an extensive industry network.  

Our unique understanding of the market and research-driven approach, leveraged with our deep industry network, has made us a foundational element of some of a globally renowned projects.


While our expertise covers the legal, technical, economical, and creative, our focus on new technology has made us a trusted advisor of many startups, NGOs, governments, and existing companies.


The blockchain technology has revolutionised many industries, providing innovative ways of managing and operating businesses. One of the new advantages facilitated by the blockchain technology is the ability to fundraise through the issuance of digital tokens. Tokenization is rapidly becoming the benchmark amongst today’s fundraising avenues, because of its in-built investment customization possibilities and adherence to regulatory norms in all the major financial hubs.

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We provide an in-depth assessment of your business and it’s eligibility to initiate a Security Token Offering. We advise on the best way to position, legally structure and market your company to successfully raise funds through an STO.

We accompany you for the business assessment, fundraising and post fundraising management of a security token offering.

With years of experience, our team has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Deca4 blockchain advisory, we provide educational material, face to face workshops and reading material for your company to understand the potential of STO’s and it’s many uses.



Liquidity: Previously non-liquid investments such as real estate are made tradable and liquid through the process of tokenization, for instance by fragmenting ownership of an asset and giving clients the opportunity to purchase tokenized assets directly from the company issuing its’ tokens or on the secondary market through an exchange.


Transparency and transferability: Current securities take up to 3 days to be settled, security tokens built on distributed ledger technology (blockchain) allow for the instant settlement between parties.


Investors: Lowering the initial investment barrier and offering an opportunity for both international institutional investors as well as individual investors to participate in a funding round significantly increases the addressable market and outreach of any company proceeding with an STO.


Regulation: STO’s are securities that are governed by the same rules and regulations that are imposed on traditional securities. However, they also offer fast KYC/AML procedures and other compliance and reg-tech systems allowing for a scalable, automated and efficient digitized fundraising mechanism.



Large corporates that are looking to raise for their current capital expenditure needs and need to structure an efficient digital fundraising mechanism that will allow them to create dividend/equity or debt-based investment offerings for an international array of potential investors.

Governments that are looking to fund infrastructure or economic development projects, and create an incentive for their potential investor base through the possibility of accessing tokenized healthcare, education and energy projects and using security tokens as a mechanism to give direct benefits to the final customer.

Government STOs are referred to as Initial Sovereign Offerings or ISOs, a concept we have been implementing for Nation States since June 2018.



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Meet The Team



Jean Paul Tarud has accumulated a 20 years of experience in the Venture Capital and product development fields, for technology and innovation, across the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Was involved in several IPOs during the Dot Com era in the Silicon Valley in the late 90s and currently serves in many advisory boards for Governments, Academia and private entities in the fields of Technology, Investments, National Security and Defence.


Chief Executive Officer & Director 

Mohammed is an Advisory Services specialist with vast experience in corporate finance, technology, startups and strategic management.  His role encompasses the coordination and development of Technology & Strategic Advisory Services on a Local and international basis.  Prior to joining the firm, Mohammed had established and worked in almost all continents, and doing startup advisory and management in countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Austria, UK, UAE, India, Australia, and Chile.


His experience include Capital restructuring, feasibility studies, business valuations, corporate restructuring, ICOs/STOs, privatizations, business plan development, financial modeling, Market Surveying; Visions Missions, Strategies, Goals and Objectives Preparing and Tailoring Policies and Procedures Manuals.


Chief Strategist

Jason is an internet entrepreneur, business executive, cryptocurrency enthusiast, & asset manager. a Partner and Chief Strategist at Deca4, he also remains the CEO at CGS Group, Head of MENA at Aelf, and creator of FLASH. Previously MD at Binary Financial and Fund Manager at Alphabit.


As a serial cryptocurrency & blockchain technology investor since 2010, he invested on behalf of world-class crypto hedge funds in projects like Metalpay and Aelf generating significant ROI. Currently, he is working on and advising several crypto & blockchain related projects, to create innovation and value across a broad spectrum of sectors.

The Deca4 operations teams is composed of 16 experts in different fields and industries such as BlockchainImplementation, Legal Services, Banking & Finance, Real Estate, Capital Markets, Commodities, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Logistics, Aviation, IT Systems and Security, Media, Education, Medical Sciences and GovernmentalOperations.

Fernando Ortiz Pineda

Senior Associate

Fernando is an asset manager with over 10 years of experience, focusing on financial analysis and modeling, structuring, and evaluating regular and alternative assets, including projects, companies, and real estate developments. He also has wide experience in business development, legal and financial structuring of real state projects to convert them into investment vehicles. relationship management with boards, banks, investors and all types of financial institutions with fundraising and management purposes. Moreover, Fernando has a strong corporate finance, capital markets, and investment analysis background.


Business Development

Saul started with Mining Technology in 2013, actively supporting and in ICOs, funds raising and investments, Trading & Strategic Advisory Services by assisting clients with a range of assignments, including corporate and capital restructuring, feasibility studies, business valuations, ICOs/STOs, privatizations, business plan development, financial modeling, Market Surveying, including: Visions Missions, Strategies, Goals and Objectives.


Saul experience started as an Aeronautical Engineer 13 years ago, working in Aerospace and Defence programs for 3 different governments (United States, Colombia and the United Arab Emirates). Designing and executing projects in innovation, quality management, standardization, digitalization, amongst others.


Director of Investments

Rodrigo has recently led as Global Director of Business Development strategy for Hyperloop (innovative company kicked off by Elon Musk) expanding its operations from 3 to 12 countries bringing over USD 60 MM in investments and leading negotiations with 500 Fortune CEO’s, global institutions and heads of states. Rodrigo is a Stanford Graduate, passionate about boosting world-changing sustainable technologies.



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